ZFC supplies different types of herbicides for various crops.

Using herbicides is the most effective and economical form of weed control if done correctly. Chemical weed control is one of the tools available to control weeds and is on the increase among smallholder farmers. There is some important terminology that farmers should be familiar with when using herbicides these include: Pre-emergence application÷ spraying the herbicide before the emergence of the weeds or the crop or both. Post emergence (over the top) ÷ spraying herbicide after the emergence of the crop or weeds or both. Post-emergence directed÷ the herbicide is sprayed after both crop and weeds have emerged, however since the herbicide is non-selective it is therefore directed to the inter row spaces onto the weeds only, eg  Gramoxone and Round Up. Pre-plant incorporated - herbicide is sprayed onto the soil surface and then incorporated in mechanically, e.g Trifluralin.
There are several advantages of using herbicides
- Using herbicides instead of mechanical weed control leads to an increase in crop yield.
- Chemical weed control is faster, easier and more effective than hand weeding or mechanical weeding.
- Chemical weed control is cheaper than mechanical control for example on average it cost $50/ha versus $150 -  $200/ha mechanical weed control.
- One man can spray at least two hectares a day unlike hand weed control.
- When it is too wet for mechanical or hand cultivation, chemical weed control is ideal.
- Pre-emergence herbicides will kill most weeds before or soon after they emerge, this means that the crop will have to itself all the fertilizer applied the available moisture, light and space.
- Herbicides may be applied once per season whereas mechanical weed control is always a continual process which is done after the weeds have already emerged and are already competing with the crop for nutrients and other sources.
- Herbicides are effective, easy to apply, can be selective and timely

To use herbicides successfully the following points must be observed
* Always read the label for full instructions
* Correct time of application-whether before or after the weeds or crop have emerged
* Correct product to be used - one that is effective on weeds but safe on the crop.
* Correct quantity of herbicide per hectare as related to clay content or size of weeds
* Care must be taken to avoid over application.
* Correct equipment and properly calibrated.
* Always clean out the spray tank after use.
* Safety precautions should always be observed.

Key crops:
Maize, Soybeans, Potatoes, Tobacco, Cotton, Groundnuts, Sugar beans, Sunflower, Sorghum, Wheat, Barley

ZFC Common Herbicides
Atrazine 50 FW, Bateleur Gold 650 EC, Basagran 48 EC, Metribuzin 48 SL, Metribuzin 48 SC, Dual Magnum 960 EC, Round Up, Stellar Star, Integrity,  Authority 400 SC, Clomazone 4 EC, Frontier Optima , Pursuit, Servian 75 WG, Acetochlor  900 EC, Nicosulfuron 4SC, Clorimuron-ethyl 25 DF, Agil 100 EC, Fusilade Forte, MCPA, Banvel/Dicamba 48 SL ,Prowl CS, Optill, Codal gold , Cotogard 500FW, Cottonex, Nicosulfuron 75WG/4SC,. Ameytryn 50SC,Ally 60 DF and others.


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