Our Plant Story


ZFC Ltd manufactures compound fertilizers. Fertilizer manufacturing requires filler to act as a binding agent for effective nutrient distribution per granule. In yester years ZFC Ltd abstracted top soil as filler for over half a century. This resulted in massive land degradation as evidenced by the deep gulleys at the Aspindale Factory Deka Gate Road entrance.

In a bid to achieve Zero Harm to the environment, ZFC Ltd engaged Kensy, a building projects Company. The arrangement was such that, all the top soil excavated from the building projects by Kensy around Harare, would be dumped into the gulleys at ZFC Ltd, Aspindale Factory.



Truckloads of top soil were deposited in a bid to reclaim the deep gulleys. ZFC provided a solution to Kensy as they would ordinarily have had to pay for dumping unwanted soil. At the same time ZFC managed to accumulate top soil, which is arable and would support plant growth instead of using rocks to backfill the gulleys.

ZFC utilized the pay-loaders to level the soil and create a gentle gradient that would further reduce soil erosion owing to runoff. To curb erosion, ZFC Ltd embarked on an Avocado plantation. With the help of the agronomical advice provided by the Technical Services department, the SHEQ department purchased the Hass type of Avocado, which is an export variety with a longer shelf life.

The reclaimed area is now a thriving avocado plantation with plans to establish a lemon plantation as well. When matured, the avocados and lemons will be supplied to supermarkets or fruit and vegetable wholesalers thereby generating income for ZFC, employment creation as well as contributing to combating climate change by acting as a carbon sink.


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