Our Nursery Story

Fertilizer manufacturing is a dry process. Some of the dust is captured by the dry scrubber and is recycled back into the fertilizer manufacturing process. However, there were incidents of emission of fugitive fertilizer dust that eventually settles on structures, buildings as well as vegetation. During the rainy season, ZFC Ltd generates effluent from Runoff. […]

Our Plant Story

Background ZFC Ltd manufactures compound fertilizers. Fertilizer manufacturing requires filler to act as a binding agent for effective nutrient distribution per granule. In yester years ZFC Ltd abstracted top soil as filler for over half a century. This resulted in massive land degradation as evidenced by the deep gulleys at the Aspindale Factory Deka Gate […]

National tree planting day

National Tree Planting Day This year ZFC Limited joined the rest of the nation in commerating National Tree Planting Day. ZFC Limited is the country’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Fertilizers and Agrochemicals. ZFC strongly believes in its corporate social responsibility obligation to maintain a sustainable environment for its customers and the community at large. […]