A straight is a fertilizer that contains one essential nutrient, either Ammonium Nitrate Nitrogen(N), Single Super Phosphate- Phosphorus(P), Sulphate of Potash-potassium(K). ZFC provides these various products.

Phosphate is a key nutrient for higher and sustained crop productivity. ZFC produces Single Super Phosphate (SSP) through acidulation and the product contains Phosphate (19.5% P2O5), Sulphur (12.5% and Calcium (18%).

Why ZFC Single Super Phosphate in Crop Production.
*    The available phosphate to plants is higher (19.5% P2O5) as compared to other suppliers with low available phosphate.
*    ZFC SSP is a result of processed product with high available phosphate as compared to other suppliers who supply unprocessed material with low and unlocked phosphate.
*    ZFC SSP is friable and exhibits good distribution and superior spreading qualities
*    ZFC SSP because of its friability has good uptake by plants.
*    ZFC SSP contains sulphur and calcium, which are of importance in sugarcane and a lot other field crops production.
*    Low application rates because of its high phosphate content as compared to other products on the market.
Straights (SSP)Straights (SSP)
Benefits of Using Single Super Phosphate
*    Promotes early crop establishment by stimulating root development, and stalks elongation.
*    The phosphate is available in an absorbable form in the soil.

ZFC Single Super Phosphate is suitable in sugarcane production, potatoes, sweet potatoes and all other crops that require phosphate.

Application Rates:
For optimum crop production the rate of Single Super Phosphate fertilizer application depends on the soil, crop and availability of nutrient. However ensure optimum soil pH for better results