ZFC HYDROFERT 20:  10:  20 + S

The recommended fertilizer for the float seedlings is the soluble blend ZFC Hydrofert (20:10:20). This product has been formulated for use in tobacco float seedbeds. The product is in stock and can be recommended for use as directed below.

Why ZFC Hydrofert 20:10:20
*    The product addresses nutritional aspects of tobacco float seedbeds production at a lower cost as it is used at a lower rate.
*    Highly soluble and quick uptake by plants
*    Rich in Nitrogen and Potash
*    Do contain neither chloride nor sodium which are undesirable elements for  plant growth if present in large amounts
*    Offer the right nutrient ratio at different stages of development.
*    Contain trace elements.

Hydrofert is suitable in tobacco float seedbeds, and also suggested to be used for production of horticulture.
*    Tobacco float seedbeds
*    All horticultural crops

Application Rates:
07 Days after sowing (220g per bed) - sachet 1
21 Days after sowing (440g per bed) - sachet 2
35 Days after sowing (650g per bed) - sachet 3

To apply actual quantities the product has been packed into satches (1, 2 and 3) with specific quantities as highlighted above.