Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous is Southern Africa’s leading independently managed Fraud and Ethics Hotline service provider. Both internal and external stakeholders of ZFC Limited can make use of this service to report any unethical practices that they maybe aware of, with the option of remaining totally anonymous.

All reports are received at a secure Call Centre that is equipped with State of the art equipment. These reports are then sent to designated officials within ZFC Limited, who will determine the best course of action.

ZFC Limited is also very committed to paying out rewards for useful reports received through the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous Call Centre. The rewards are paid out to informers on behalf of ZFC Limited through Rewards Anonymous, a division of Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous.

You can contact the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous Call Centre using any of the following methods:

Telone Toll Free Lines    : 0800 4100/1/3-6

Toll Free Netone Lines   : 0716 800 189/ 0716 800 190

Toll Free Econet Lines   :   0808 4461/ 5500

E-mail                          : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Free Fax                      : 0800 4146

Free Post                    : The Call Centre, P O Box HG 883  

                          Highlands, Harare