ZFC has a wide range of insecticides, these are chemicals used for the control of various insects that are a problem in the fields and at home

ACTARA 25 WG For systemic insecticide for sucking pests such as aphids, whiteflies Horticultural crops and tobacco
APRON STAR 42 WS Seed dressing for soil pests All field and horticultural crops
ACTELLIC GOLD DUST All types of weevils  Stored grain and in legumes 
ACETAMIPRID  For sucking pests, aphids, whiteflies Tobacco, Cotton and other field crops 
BELT  Budworm, Potato Tuber Moth Larvae, Tomato fruit worm Tobacco, Potatoes, Brassicas  
CHIKWAPURO  All type of weevils Stored grain and in legumes 
CHLORPYRIFOS Soil insects like white grabs, wireworms, termites  Tobacco, Potatoes and in other crops 
CHESS 25 WP  Systemic insecticide for the control of aphids, whiteflies  Tomatoes, Brassicas, Citrus 
IMIDACLOPRID 200 SL  For sucking pests like aphids, thrips, whiteflies and termites  Tobacco, Horticulture crops 
IMIDACLOPRID 70 WS Seed dressing for the control of leaf hoppers & other soil pests  Maize, small grains and other cereals  
DIAZINON 30 EC    Sugar beans and in Horticulture crops 
DICOFOL / KELTHANE  For the control of red spider mites Cotton and in Horticultural crops 
DIMETHOATE 40 EC  For the control of aphids and other sucking pests Various crops for aphids control 
ABAMECTIN  For the control of red spider mites and leaf miner  Potatoes and Horticultural crops. 
LAMBDA-CYHALOTHRIN  For the control of cutworms in all crops and bollworms in cotton  All crops, cotton, sorghum 
LARVIN  For the control of Bollworms and Budworms  Cotton , Tobacco 
LIME SULPHUR 24.8%    Citrus and in Horticultural crops
MALATHION 1 DUST Tuber moth larvae Stored Potato seed and in Horticultural crops.
MALATHION 25 WP  For the control of sucking pests, aphids, fruit flies, pumpkin flies  Fruit trees, Cucurbits and in Horticultural crops. 
MARSHAL 25 EC For the control of aphids Cotton, Sorghum
MATCH 050 EC  Insect growth inhibitor for the control of False codling moth, laceworm, Diamond Back Moth, and bollworms  Paprika, Peas, Brassicas, Roses
METHOMEX  Systemic for the control of sucking and chewing pests Citrus and other fields crops 
THUNDER  For the control bollworms and sucking pests like aphids  Tobacco and other horticultural crops 
STORM  Pellets for mice & rats  Used in all stored crops
CYROMAZINE For the control of leaf mines Tomatoes, Potatoes and in Floriculture
ZFC SUMMER OIL  For the control sucking pests  Citrus and other fruit trees