ZFC’s Vision  

The dominant fertilizer and agro – chemical business that is first in the mind of the farmer

ZFC’s Mission

To provide sustainable Agricultural solutions that raise farm yields and grow stakeholder value.

Core Values
     Customer Service
ZFC Limited, Manufacturers and Marketers of the following products

    Fertilizers, Gypsum, Lime
     High Analysis Fertilizers
     Customer Specific Blends
     Specialty Fertilizers
     Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Nematicides
     Growth Regulants, Adjuvants, Fumigants
     Animal and Public Health Products, Grain Protectants
     As a complimentary service to our farmers ZFC Limited offers free Agronomic Advisory Services

ZFC Limited manufactures a wide range of granular fertilizers. The  comprehensive fertilizer range consists of ‘Straights’, ‘Compounds’ and ‘Blends’, all of which contain one or more of the three primary plant nutrients, which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.   In order to assist farmers to get high yields, the company also stocks herbicides, fungicides, nematicides, and insecticides to get rid of weeds, diseases, nematodes and pests.  Crop protection using chemicals ensures that the farmer gets a good quality crop. The organization also offers specialty and liquid fertilizers and these are mostly, but not exclusively, targeted at the horticultural sector., e.g. Foliar 15, Wuxal 3-2-1, Quick Start, Quick Grow, and Best Bloom which can be applied through foliar application.
ZFC Limited provides technical and advisory back up to farmers.  This is done through a team of highly qualified and experienced agronomists.  Through farm visits, through farm visits, the team helps farmers by giving back up service.  The objective is to ensure that the farmers get high yields from their crops. In order to promote excellence and continual improvement in farming, ZFC Limited runs quarterly training sessions for farmers on how to grow various crops, best farming practices and the safe use and handling of chemicals.
The company services the entire farming community, namely large-scale commercial, communal, resettlement, small-scale commercial sectors, estates, and corporate organizations.  The organization sells directly to the farmer or via stockists, co-operatives, traders and its own depot network.  The organization also targets countries within the SADC region for exports.